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Hazardous Harper by Mattykips Hazardous Harper :iconmattykips:Mattykips 2 0 Toppling Tara by Mattykips Toppling Tara :iconmattykips:Mattykips 0 0
First Ch: 1
It was quiet, much like it always was on cold nights in the city. Ordinary people didn't venture out now, when the winds were bitter and hurt to the bone. They stayed indoors, and huddled into blankets or fireplaces, or other people.
But A never considered himself ordinary. How could he? He wasn't like them. Not in the slightest.
A, Alternative, Alisx. Each name only known by few. Each name only assumed to belong to a dead man-- no, a dead boy.
Only it was not true. Not entirely.
A was dead, in some ways, but not in others. Not that anyone but himself knew that. Who would believe it anyways?
That was distant memory now. Memories he longed to forget but knew he never would. They clung to his brain, much like the cold clung to those ordinary people out there. The memories bothered him more then the cold ever would.
He didn't feel the cold as much as most. He didn't feel much of anything, though.
So, while others stayed home, or drove to the nearest corner store, he put on his jumper and
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Dead? by Mattykips Dead? :iconmattykips:Mattykips 1 3
All That Glitters
It had never occured to Benji that a relationship that seemed so perfect, could be so sour. Just as it had never occured to Benji that someone he hated could hate himself more.
For a long time, he had been blind. He only saw what he wanted, he supposed. A young boy, stepping in to fill his shoes, taking his place. A man who looked fondly at him in a way he'd never done to him. They seemed so perfect, so unfairly perfect for one another. It made his blood boil. Why did he get to be happy with the guy he'd had first?
But lately, the blindfold across his face was slipping, falling down at his feet, and the glaring reality hurt his eyes.
As much as it thrilled him to hear Happi crying, to see him breaking into hideous sobs that were too loud for such a tiny body sent a completely different feeling through him.
The first night he found him in the open lot near the trailers, knees sunk deep into the dirt, shaking from the hard crying, he'd rolled his eyes. A fight, big deal, every couple had
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well aren't you awful by Mattykips well aren't you awful :iconmattykips:Mattykips 2 0 Finnec by Mattykips Finnec :iconmattykips:Mattykips 1 2 smile by Mattykips smile :iconmattykips:Mattykips 1 0 read more by Mattykips read more :iconmattykips:Mattykips 0 0 stages by Mattykips stages :iconmattykips:Mattykips 0 0 stare by Mattykips stare :iconmattykips:Mattykips 2 5 Crown Me by Mattykips Crown Me :iconmattykips:Mattykips 0 0 how amusing by Mattykips how amusing :iconmattykips:Mattykips 1 0
a librarian
there once was a boy
who loved words
and only those
or side by side
a curvacious gathering
of letters
ink upon parchment
the scent thrilled him
to the bone
in the crosses of t's
and swirls of a's and o's
he believed to be the only comfort
and through the dotted i's
could only express feelings
could only impress
thoughts to the world around him
but she
could tell stories
behind closed lids
and in oceans of color
reveal a plethora
of raw emotion
that even the parchment
dirtied with ink
smeared with leafing thumbs
could never utter
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early morning love
i want to make love
in the leaves of autumn
in the late and early morning
when it is dark but the sun has begun
its outlines
in the center of the park
so private and public
i want it to be raining
not pour
but heavying the leaves
so our skin is soaked through to
our very bones
i want her hair plastered to her face
her eyes closed
and smile wide
i want to shiver
i want the goosebumps to rise along my skin
and still i am warm and panting
we will struggle for words
nothing will sound
just our mouths parting
before a kiss
and it starts over again
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there's a state
called euphoria
i visit it plenty
there is elation
of cells
in the veins
refusal to pass to lung
a mind blank
a quiet exhale
a shuddering laugh
the restart of a stopped heart
the skip of a beat
electricity swims my brain
it soaks my bone
there's a state
called euphoria
i visit it plenty
with you
and your voice
and your words
there is elation
and life
with a simple
from you
i visit it plenty
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Pickles are rad by Mattykips Pickles are rad :iconmattykips:Mattykips 1 0 L and Clyde by Mattykips L and Clyde :iconmattykips:Mattykips 2 0
Mature content
Spark Beckoned Flame Ch 2 :iconmattykips:Mattykips 0 2
Boxcar Dreams
After a while the loud clicking of the train rushing over metal tracks turned out to be a nice melody. As time ticked on and it continued, it began to lull the illegal company it harbored to sleep.
click. clack. click. clack.
For the past hour, Anda had listened to its steady beats, and for a while he'd hummed to it, but then he fell out of it and just laid quiet.
Shadows and shapes of trees and landscape rushed by his vision, blurred. The cool country air carried its own interesting scents with its cooling grace. With deep inhales he could smell bales of hay, firewood crackling, and food cooking. In a while it would make his stomach growl and he would not be able to satisfy it or meet its demands. Damn the wind and its cruel double edged sword. With its relief from the sun and the heat, it also tortured with wafts of food. Even the scent of something simple, even a microwaved meal, made him drool. It had been a long time since he had had an honest meal. Canned beans and franks
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The Summer days went by slowly, like the sand falling through the hour glass. Every grain took too long. The sun rose inches at a time and the light never came fast enough.
As rays dripped down over the blades of grass, and dried up the night's dew, it carried little warmth against dark skin.
He slid his toes through the grass, soaking his feet as he trudged through, abandoning shoes upon the steps of the lonely front porch.
The little tree in the front yard trembled in the morning wind, and it sucked up the water poured from the old pail greedily as he tipped it.
Sometimes he hated that tree.
They planted it together that day. That stupid day that he cursed with every fibre of his being.
"We'll plant it together. It'll be like i'm still here, a piece of me" He'd said. "I can't wait to see how much its grown when i'm back. Take good care of it."
Tiny little tree it was when they dropped it in the ground. And its growth only made him feel more alone. It grew larger and thicker as the ma
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Mature content
Spark Beckoned Flame Ch 1 :iconmattykips:Mattykips 0 2
Preparing to rule the world by Mattykips Preparing to rule the world :iconmattykips:Mattykips 0 4
Escaping the Boundaries of Reality Chapter 13
With Summer's end quickly approaching, and the crisp breeze of Autumn stirring from the east, Elliot found himself wishing over and over to be back at that night weeks ago, back to the day when coffee was deemed the most amazing drink, and when there was a small moment, a brief connection where he'd lost his mind, and was completely fine with it.
Brayden was keeping them both busy, separated, and tired them out with work and training until when they finally had free time again, it was late evening, and they both just wanted to sleep. Elliot was beginning to suspect he was doing it on purpose, but he had no proof, and he had no time to talk to Lune about his suspicions. He had no time to do anything with Lune, barely even enough to wave a good morning at him.
He trained each day when Lune went off with Brayden to practice his skill. He'd worn down several sparring sticks already, and they were turned into wood for late night fires, should they ever have them again. He brutally attacked
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