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True to his promise, Elliot returned to the house the next night, and then the night after, every evening he could, when the men were gone, and when he wasn't working to keep the house from falling apart.

Every night he went there, he spent hours talking with Lune, learning more about him, and why he was in the attic, who the men were. In turn, he told the boy about himself, and about his aunt, the books he loved to read, anything he thought might be interesting to tell. He'd never had friends, real friends, and it seemed to him that he and Lune were now just that. Friends. He would do anything to keep the friendship going, even if that meant sneaking into someone else's house to talk every night.

Lune was brilliant. He was smart, funny, and quiet, all of the qualities he'd once imagined into his invisible friends. He was the living, breathing flesh of a perfect friend. Every night they would sit and talk, and on a few ocassions, Elliot brought a book along with him, and they would read it together.

Lune had never touched a book before, and the look of utter joy that crossed his pretty face made Elliot proud. He let him keep the books and read them until he was finished, and soon he was reading them off by heart, like a living novel.

His voice was smooth, and it lulled him into a sense of content and comfort. More then once, he'd fallen asleep listening, and had the unfortunate pleasure of being woken up by the panic of his friend as the men returned.

That was Elliot's least favorite part of the entire thing. The moment when Lune would sit up, and look around, and even though Elliot couldn't hear a thing, he would tell him they were almost home, and he would have to lock him away again, and run off for safety. He was always left panting, heart racing, and wondering just how it was that Lune could hear things so well, things no other person he'd met ever could.

Three weeks into their friendship, Elliot had put the question and curiosity about his friend to rest, or at least tried to. He attempted to keep his mind occupied with everything else, like his plans to see him again, which book he might take, or what he would tell him that night. It was always there though, tucked into a box in the back of his mind, and every now and then when he thought of the boy, it popped back up. Like an itch he couldn't get rid of no matter how hard he scratched.

Lune was sitting up by the window when Elliot unlocked the door and climbed in to the attic. He brushed himself free of the dust and headed over to sit beside him, waving a new book.

"I brought something new to read, if you're done with the last one." He said, setting the thick novel on the boy's makeshift bed.

"I finished early this morning." Lune declared proudly, digging out the other book and giving it back to him before he picked up the next. "Oh wow, this one is much bigger... I might not finish as soon as I did with the others. But I do like a challenge."

"That's fine, take your time. I brought a thicker one over just for that. I don't want you to run out of books to read because I keep giving you the smaller ones! So this is a sort of challenge for you. You've practically read my entire library!" Elliot said, tucking his hands into his pockets. "That's one of my favorite books. I hope you like it."

"Oh i'm sure I will. I've loved every book you have brought over for me to read. I enjoy your taste in literature." Lune clasped his hands together over top of the book's cover, and smiled wide. "I can't wait until I can dig into it..." He paused, looking over at Elliot. "You look like something is on your mind. Want to talk about it?"

Elliot snapped out of his train of thought and shrugged, looking around the room to try and get the thoughts to go away. It didn't work of course, it never did. "It's nothing really. I was just wondering something. It's no big deal though, nevermind. I mean, it's stupid really.. silly in fact. I don't want to talk about something like this, it's.. well it's complicated.. and just a weird thought.. it'll go away." he lied, frowning. "Sorry."

"No, I want to talk about it. You always listen to me if I have something on my mind that I want to talk about, and.. well, we're friends right? Friends talk about things with one another, and help each other out, correct? Like the people in these books.. and I want to help you too, even if it is just listening to what you want to talk about. And yes, even if it is silly or weird or complicated. Whatever it is, I want you to trust me."

"Well.." Elliot began, rubbing the back of his head, tousling his already messy hair even more. "It's just.. I have to know something. Something about you. How is it that you can hear things I don't? I have great hearing, but even I can't hear things like a car rolling up into the drive when i'm on the second floor, or two people talking outside.. but you can somehow. How do you do it? Or are you just lucky when you guess that they're home?" He bit down on his lower lip and drew in a long breath. "Sorry if that's rude or offensive or prying.. I just can't help but wonder. It's been on my mind since we started talking. I just never wanted to ask, in case you didn't want to tell me something that's so private."

Lune poked at the book's cover, tracing its title lettering with his index finger and frowning a little. "It's okay. The question. It's not any of those things you thought it might be." He said, tapping his fingers against the book. "I don't know if I can tell you though. I want to, it's just.."

"Why not?"

"I.. I'm scared to."

Elliot was more confused and curious than he'd been before he asked the question. It was like a powerful hunger, and it was consuming him fast. He needed to know, but he couldn't force his friend to tell him. The only thing he knew he could do, was support him and reassure him that whatever his secrets were, whatever the fears, they were safe with him. "Don't be scared." He had wanted to say much more than those three words, but it was all that spilled from his mouth, and he couldn't think of anything else to add. Nothing fruitful at least.

"It's just.. the reason I can hear so well.. it's not what you would call normal. It's like the sort of thing in these books. It's not supposed to be real, according to..your people. Please don't think i'm prejudice! No, no. I'm not, honestly. I just.. i'm not quite sure if there are any other words to use, no other way to phrase what it is i'm attempting to say. If that makes sense."

"My people? Um.. well no, I don't think of you as prejudice, though that sentence does sound sort of like it.. What are you trying to say? What is it that makes you hear so well? It's okay Lune.. You can trust me. Please trust me. I'm your friend. I trust you."

Lune's dull steel blue eyes caught and locked on to Elliot's own hues. He didn't look away, and stared straight back at him, and cautiously reached out to pat his shoulder, albeit awkwardly. "I'm.. well, i'm an elf." He spat out the sentence as if it were poison, and then silence fell on them both.

It was like Lune knew he wouldn't believe him, because when Elliot opened his mouth to say something, even though he was still trying to think up the sentence he'd opened his mouth to say, he tucked his hair behind two pointed ears, and looked away, ashamed.

Elliot's eyes rounded, and his jaw slackened, lips parting in both shock and disbelief. "No way.. that's.. I mean.. those have to be fake! I mean.. Dammit! I'm sorry, I don't want to be, I don't mean to be.. How is this.. how.. this... makes no sense.. elves are.. are.." He shook his head, rubbed his eyes, and stared at the pointed, thrice pierced ears. "Elves are just.."

"In fairy tales? Don't exist? That's what we always wanted humans to believe.. because we knew what would happen if you knew." He still wouldn't look at him. He just stared off at another wall, frowning.

"What? What would happen i-if we knew?" Elliot couldn't help the shaking in his voice, the disbelief, but he just couldn't grasp at it. He'd read all about elves, in the magical worlds in the books on his shelves, but even in his most fantasized moments, he had never thought they were real. He had always known they were in the books and only there. He didn't want to hurt Lune, or his feelings, and he hoped that he could understand how hard it was to accept and understand. He did want to believe him. He wanted to take his word for it, only he couldn't, and maybe that was natural for people, but he still felt guilty for not believing his friend.

"We knew if you found out, if humans knew elves existed, they would come looking for us, and they would find us. We knew that when they found us, we knew they would take us away. We knew they would lock us up. Maybe in cages, maybe in dark basements, or dusty attics. We would be like the animals humans put in zoos, caged, never allowed free again, just gawked at day by day. We were not meant for cages, Elliot. Being cooped up, it kills us. It kills me. Elliot?"

He was looking up at Elliot with such desperation, begging him to understand what he was saying, and he did. He got it rather quickly, what Lune was conveying in his words, but he just couldn't speak. He sat there, open jawed and dumbfounded. His friend. His very first friend was something that should have only existed in books.

"Please say something." Lune whispered, and by that time he was sitting at the window, knees to his chest. "Even if it's that you don't believe me, just say something.."

"I..." he didn't know what to say. His mouth was open but for a long time nothing came out, because his brain was mush and it wasn't thinking up the sentences, the words he should say. He swallowed. "I believe you... It's just.. it's just that.. I'm sorry.. i'm just trying to let this sink in y'know? I spent all my life reading books and pretending the things in them were real, but I always knew they weren't, and people told me all the time. Reality isn't supposed to have these types of things.. Everyone always tells you not to get your head into the clouds too far because you'll start thinking things are real when they're not. They always said that reality is plain, and that there is no magic in it.. but now i'm sitting in this dusty attic, with my very first friend, and he's telling me he's an elf, something that is supposed to not exist. I just hope that you can understand what i'm feeling too, because I understand how you must feel. Or at least I think I do. I know I can't understand a hundred percent, but i'm trying to, and I have a small idea of it. So please, try to understand me as well. This is.. it's a lot."

"I can prove it to you, if you want." Lune said, climbing back down and fidgeting as he stood by him. "I can do something only an elf, or something from a fairy tale could do."

"I believe you, Lune! I believe you. It's just a lot to take in. My sense of what's real and what isn't is now really confused, but I believe you. I mean, there's no way those are fake. Even the ones they sell at Halloween don't look that real.. God i'm sorry, for saying that your ears were fake.. I must have sounded like such an asshole. I didn't mean to. You're amazing, brilliant, and i'm so happy to be your friend.. I'm in a state of shock I think. Maybe i'm just..."

"Let me prove it to you! Maybe if you see something happen right in front of you, it'll help. Just let me do this. I want to do this. Nothing else matters more to me than your friendship you know.. you're the very first person i've met, the first human anyway, that was nice.. I want to show you something special. It'll be beneficial to the both of us."

Elliot just nodded, and got to his feet. "What do you need?"

"Go downstairs. Get a pot of dirt, or even just a handful, then come back." Lune instructed, sitting back down with his book and poking at its lettering again. "Don't question it, please, just go get it.. it'd be too complicated to explain and after what i've just told you, it'll probably only make your brain even more confused.. no offense."

Elliot did as he was told, and left his friend to scurry downstairs. He searched around until he found an empty pot of soil on the kitchen windowsill. He scooped up a large handful of the dirt, and shoved down the questions that rose when he did. He didn't want to question what his friend was going to do. No more questions, at least not now. He returned to Lune with the dirt, and sat in front of him, holding his hands out to him, a few grains of the soil slipping through the gaps in his fingers. "What next?"

"Next I need you to go back downstairs and get a small glass of water. Again I must ask you not to question my requests. It's deeply important to get the water. Hurry."

Elliot left him once again and returned to the kitchen. He had a hard time doing so, but he did eventually find a glass that wasn't broken or as filthy as the others. He resisted his temptation to scrub it clean, and filled it halfway.

When he got back upstairs with it, Lune had taken the dirt from his hands, and clumped it together in a sort of pile in his palm. Then he took the glass and set it beside himself, and finally he looked up at him and asked, "What's your favorite kind of flower?"

It was a really odd question, Elliot thought, it really was the strangest thing to ask when it was compared to the things he'd recently heard, as well as the other boy's requests. "Um.. well I do like Belladonna lillies.. they're really beautiful.. Why?"

"Shh, just watch." Lune said, cupping the dirt in his hands, clumping it together firmly once more before he opened his palm to give him a clear view of it. "Watch."

Elliot nodded and scooted closer to him, watching the pile of dirt in Lune's hands with intense interest. He didn't know what he was supposed to be watching for, but he did it anyways.

Several minutes went by, and he was going to ask him just what he was supposed to be watching out for, but when he moved from his knees to get closer, he saw movement in the dirt, and it stopped him dead.

A small green sprout had begun pushing through the top of the soil. It stretched upwards towards the ceiling, several inches of long stem. It trembled slightly as it rose in height, and then it slowly began to bloom. A large green pod cradled itself at the top of the stem, and then thick, creamy white petals began to burst from the green, stretching out wide in large bushes. After a few seconds, thin pink veins sprouted and crawled along the white, stopping just halfway up. The petals curled outwards, overlapping one another, and continued to grow thicker and larger until Lune set it down on the floor. The very second it left his hands, it stopped growing. He was in shock once again, not five minutes ago there was a tiny pile of dirt, and now there sat a lovely Belladonna lily, one of the largest he'd ever seen. He didn't even know that they could bloom so wonderfully, or so fully. The ones out in town had never come close to the one sitting in front of him. It looked more like the ones he saw in picture books, the ones growing out in the abundant wild, where nothing but pure sun and soft rains got a glimpse at them.

Elliot's eyes were wide, his jaw had dropped. Out of plain dirt, with no water, no sun, no seeds, had grown a perfect Belladonna lily.

He looked away from the flower and up at Lune just in time to see him pass out and hit the floor with a dull thud. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and closed firmly, and his body went completely limp.

"Lune! Lune!"

Lune was unresponsive, so very still it made Elliot panic, and it seemed like he was dead, but his chest was still rising and falling.

He cradled the unconscious boy and grabbed the cup of water from nearby, quickly working out why he had been asked to get it. He tried to sit him up a little better, before he parted his lips and tilted the cup, pouring the majority of its contents into his mouth. "Come on.. gods.."

Lune choked and coughed, spitting up a lot of the water he'd taken in, and started to come round. He propped himself up as he opened his eyes and looked around, confused it seemed for the first few seconds as he took in his surroundings. "What.."

"You just.. you just passed out!" Elliot explained as Lune wiped his mouth on his torn sleeve. "I don't understand.."

"I am an elf that is very deeply rooted with nature, you see. My kind, my people, can make anything grow, as long as it's natural. So trees, plants, grass.. anything like that. We do it to keep the balance of nature going even while some trees are cut down, and concrete replaces grass." Lune explained. "Only thing is.. it requires energy directly from us, to grow them. Usually by my age, the skill has been practiced long enough that passing out from one flower rarely happens. However, I haven't practiced my skill, and even a small flower can take all of my energy and I am rendered unconscious.. I can make any flower you want grow.. it's a special power only a few of us have. My entire kin can grow things, such as the trees and grass and common flowers. However there are a certain few of us, that can grow the wildest kinds, even the ones that are protected by human laws now. Along with this ability, we can also manipulate nature. We can bend it to our will. So for instance, if we needed a place to stay, a well trained elf with the ability I have, could build us a hut out of sticks and leaves, barely touching either of the materials. The trees around would just lend their branches, and twist themselves into the shape of a small hut. That would require a great deal of energy though, and the one who managed such a feat would of course need incredible amounts of rest afterwards. It is something I would work all my life to do, had I grown up at home."

Elliot gave a small nod as he listened, trying to absorb the information all at once, though it was difficult with his brain still short circuiting. "So let me try to paraphrase this and make sure I understand. You can grow anything, well anything natural, out of dirt, it's some special power of yours, but it can possibly make you pass out or die?"

"Yes, that is.. in short form, correct..."

"So if you wanted to grow.. say.. Tacca Chantrieri, or maybe even the Green Jade flower, you could? Without seeds, or anything? Wait.. so is that why they keep you here? Is it because they want you to grow things for them? But why? I don't quite understand. Er.. sorry, i'm over here just assuming things, instead of letting you explain. It's a bad habit of mine. I can't really help it, i'm always coming up with stories for things, instead of getting the easy and obvious answer."

"Yes, that is why." Lune mumbled, brushing his index finger along one of the longer petals. "It's alright, it's not rude or anything like that. I understand you've got a lot to ask. It's difficult for me to explain things very well though, so please bear with me. The men keep me here to grow the flowers that aren't allowed to be in a home like this, or any home to be frank. They force me to grow flowers, and plants that are illegal to have, the kinds that have been protected for years because they are rare. They sell them at this.. Black market place.. they get a lot of money for them. The rarer the flower or plant they get from me, the more money they can make. That's why they took me, it's why they've kept me here so long. They just want me to do as they say so they can make money. But it's not right!" He lowered his head in shame and let out a heavy sigh as his eyes slid closed to hide the tears welling up in them. "I never wanted my gift to be used like that. I don't mean to do it. I shouldn't ever do it. It's wrong, it's hurting nature, it's just disgusting. The looks on their faces when they get their own way, when they win. The things they do.. I try to stop.. I-I really do! I don't want this!"

Elliot abruptly threw his arms around Lune and hugged him tightly against his chest, gripping his rags hard in his hands. "It's not your fault, Lune. Okay? It's not your fault. You can't be blamed for them forcing you to do it. You were young when they took you right? They've raised you, albeit harshly, and you've been taught to be afraid of them. You fear consequence, so you do what they say. So it's not you, it's them."

"But i'm supposed to keep the balance.. supposed to keep nature respected and taken care of. This isn't doing those things at all.. I just wish I was strong enough to say no to them more. I wish I could handle things, I wish I wasn't so weak."

"Do they hurt you?" He asked, releasing him to feel the lily's petals himself. He didn't really want to know. He hoped feebly that he hadn't heard his question and that it would go unanswered. "If they hurt you, you really can't be blamed.. I just wish.." He looked up, scooping the lily into his own hands.

"T-They don't hurt me all the time. It's just shouting most of the time. But sometimes Vulture, h-he's the larger man, if you've ever gotten a look at either of the two. He gets very angry and that's when I get hurt. He makes Crow leave, and.. and he'll hit me. Sometimes with his fist, but mostly with his belt. When he's extremely mad he hits me with his knife. I have scars.. a-all over because of it. It was all my fault." He shook his head and suddenly Elliot felt thin arms clutching onto him as Lune returned the hug in a desperate manner, starting to cry against his shoulder.

Large tears splashed against his shirt, soaking through to his skin. His chest and stomach twisted and ached when he noticed the crying. He wanted to make it stop, all the crying, and the fear and pain, but he knew he couldn't. Not now. He tried to comfort him by rubbing his back, in the way that Nina had done before, and shushing him softly. He even tried to rock him back and forth in his arms, even though he felt a little out of place doing it, but Lune just kept crying, and then continued on with what he had been trying to say before.

"One night he got really angry with me, I was so scared, I did as he said, I bloomed the flower, but he wasn't happy with it. He wanted more, and I told him I couldn't. He wouldn't take no for an answer.. He.. he wrapped his hand around my throat, and he squeezed. Oh maker, he squeezed so hard.. a-and I couldn't breathe, Elliot! I couldn't breathe! S-So I did it again. I passed out while he was talking afterwards, and when I woke up he had the knife out. He told me he was going to teach me to fall asleep on him. I tried to explain that I couldn't handle it without passing out, but he wouldn't listen. He hit me until I was seeing stars, and then he grabbed my hair and in my dizziness I felt the floor scrape across my cheek as he rubbed my face into the dusty ground.. and he just.. he just started to cut.. he cut my feet and my legs. He cut up my arms and across my exposed cheek, until I cried enough to satisfy him. That was on my birthday."

Elliot shut his eyes for a moment, and tangled his fingers in Lune's soft hair, breathing in and out deep and slow to keep himself from crying and losing his self control. He had to be strong for his friend right then. It was obvious that Lune had never fully dealt with what he was going through, what they were doing to him, and he was unloading it all in long rambles that brought him to sobs he choked over. He would listen to any story he had to say, if it would relieve him even the slightest.

"Come with me.." he said suddenly, the words lodging themselves in his throat.

Lune's head jerked up, and he gave him the strangest look, as if he had suggested they take a long walk up to the moon and back, or something just as queer. "W..What?"

"Come with me, Lune.. leave here with me. And then you'll be free, and they can't make you do anything ever again. I can take care of you. We can live together, and you can read all the books in the world! I'll give you anything you could ever want."

"I.. I can't.. they'd find me.. they'd be angry.. not just at me, but at you, and they would hurt you! I can never let that happen. Not ever, not even if it meant I would be here for my life, all the thousands of years of it. I care too much for you." He stuttered out, frowning deeply at his small attic window, starting to tremble a little. "I've never set foot outside this place since I was taken here. I don't know what i'd do with myself, where I would go, how I would make it..." He stopped and looked back at him in sudden terror. "They're home!"

"What? Hurry! Tell me you'll come with me! I can help you!"

"You have to go! They're pulling into the drive! Please go!"

"Not until you promise me you'll leave with me! I'm not going to abandon you here anymore! I can't!" Elliot shouted, dropping the flower to hold his dirty palm out. "Lune!"

"I can't! I won't know what to do! They'll just catch me! I-I.. Please go, they'll get you, Elliot, they'll catch you and hurt you! Kill you!"

"Promise me you'll come with me!" He said, thrusting his hand out again. "If not tonight, tomorrow. I just need to have you say it. I have to know that when I am either leaving right now with you, or that tomorrow when I leave from here you'll be with me. I won't go without a promise! I don't care, i'll stay right here and get caught by those men!"

Lune threw a look of panic at the window before he took his hand and squeezed it.

There was a brief moment between them both, where a shudder ran up their spines and the tips of their fingers tingled, as if they had fallen asleep and were finally waking back up again. They caught each other's gaze and their breath got tangled up in their throats. They stood there, in the middle of the attic, just staring at one another, hands gripping one another's tightly, until Lune broke apart from the contact, causing them both to go stumbling back. The eye contact never broke, even when he spoke again, they were both still looking at each other, and to Elliot it felt like a goodbye, just as it had the day Nina had passed on. He didn't want a goodbye with Lune. Not now, not ever.

Lune seemed to struggle with his words, the air that'd been stuck in his throat was rushing out shaky. "T-Tomorrow! I promise, tomorrow! Now go!" He cried, taking his hand once more and squeezing hard. "I won't try to get out of it.. I want out, Elliot, I want to breathe in fresh air, I want to feel the wind on my cheek and the grass under my feet. But it can't be tonight.. We can't run off unprepared. You don't understand. Those men will kill anyone who ruins their plans, and if we're not ready, not one hundred percent ready, they will find us, and they'll destroy us. Do you understand? I will come with you tomorrow. I will."

"Tomorrow!" Elliot knew he'd lingered far too long, though perhaps he hadn't, not very long, it was possible that they had come home early, either way he started to panic the second he himself could hear the gravel crunching under the tires of their car. "Is there a back door? Another way out? I can't get out the front if they're coming in!"

"D-Downstairs.. the first window in the kitchen, the only one not boarded up.. It's easy to pop the glass out of place and slip out. Since the kitchen is t'wards the back of the house, you should be able to get away without them seeing. I.. I'll see you tomorrow!"

Elliot forced himself to let go of Lune's hand for the second time and leave. He shut the door tight and locked it back up, even though the feeling in the pit of his stomach was telling him not to. It felt incredibly wrong, to be locking someone up in a cramped, filthy attic, to be locking them back up in there. He wondered if it would ever feel any better, if the stabbing guilt would go away or lessen. It hadn't gotten better yet and he had come to see him almost every night for almost a month. He had locked him back up in the attic every night for almost a month.

After he was finished locking the door up again, he shoved his key back in his pant pocket and crawled back out into the hall. "Tomorrow Lune! I won't let you talk your way out, tomorrow night. You may say that you'll do it without fight, but I know you're scared. It's okay though, it's okay to be scared. I will help you. Just be ready!"

The race down to the kitchen from the upstairs hall was the longest thirty seconds he'd ever lived through. He tripped up on the carpet, and nearly fell straight into the hole in the middle of the floor, and stumbled into the walls and railing on the way down. He held his breath the entire time, a little technique Nina had taught him when he was little, to do when he was scared. Only he was leaving out the part where he was to sit and close his eyes while holding his breath to calm himself. He couldn't sit down and relax here, Hell would probably be a safer place to do that. His hands were trembling viciously as he yanked the window pane free, threatening to stop working altogether, much like the rest of his body. He forced himself to continue on, and clambered up onto the counter, and quickly hauled himself out of the window. He didn't allow himself to stop and breathe until he'd stumbled up the yard of his own home and gotten inside the front hall. He'd never thought he would be so pleased to see the four ordinary walls with their pale coats of paint.

When he was safely inside, door shut and locked, he slid down and collapsed to the floor, panting heavily, his face beet red, and leaned his head back against the wood to close his eyes and try to relax, to calm down.

He could barely feel his limbs. He could barely feel anything. His entire body and mind had gone numb ever since he dropped down to the floor, maybe even before that. He couldn't tell when it had happened, only that it wasn't going away any time soon.

The guilt of locking that boy, his friend, back up in the strange house was still eating at him. He felt as though there were piranhas in the lake of acid in his stomach and they just kept gnawing at him. He half expected a school of fish to come tearing out of his stomach and onto the floor in front of him.

Elliot sat there, guilt ridden, for nearly an hour before the tears came. He buried his face in his hands and sobbed against his cool skin, ashamed. He knew something was wrong with that house, and he even had the proof now, but instead of taking the other away, and going to the police, to someone, anyone, he locked him back up. Instead of helping, he was condemning him to further torture. He wanted to get up and go back to get him, but his numb limbs just wouldn't listen to his commands. He was stuck there, on the floor, wallowing in his own tears and guilt.

Nina would have been disappointed in him, he knew, for doing something so horrible. She would just stare at him, with her watery eyes, and shake her head. But in her disappointment, she would give him advice. She could tell him what to do, or at least give him a hint at it. He needed that now, he needed someone to tell him what he should do next, because he was at a loss. He felt like he was a small boy again, and too young and too little to do anything useful. He felt powerless and weak, and lost. Even if Lune did agree to leave with him the next night he'd see him, he had no plan, and

"Nina.. I wish you were here. I need help. I need you. I just wish you were here so you could tell me what to do.. I need to figure it out and soon, but i'm scared, and I know you would know the best way to help." he knew he was just whispering to the wind, to someone who would, who could, never hear what he was saying, but the process made him feel a little bit better. It made him feel like he wasn't all alone and unsure about what was going on. He only wished it would work, that she could hear, and could help him. He needed help, but that boy next door needed the help more. He wasn't the one who was in danger, who could be hurt at any given moment, instead he was just confused and upset, things that were simple enough to get over. Lune's problems were not simple at all. He wasn't asking for help for himself, he was asking for Lune, someone he didn't know well, or for long, but wanted to help. He was asking for his first and only friend. Lune needed help. He needed it desperately and tomorrow night would not come fast enough.
Summary: Elliot Davenport spends his every moment with a book in his face, and his head in the clouds, paying no mind to reality. But there will come a time when he will have to put the books away, and take a step into the world he thought was boring, into a world he thought he knew, only to discover he knew nothing about it at all.

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